Lambassadors at your service.

Introducing our champions of Lamb, for whom lamb is either a source of recipe inspiration… or quite simply a way of life!

We're proud to have the involvement of three fantastic lambassadors. One is a prolific Persian and Middle Eastern food writer with a devoted following, one is a prominent chef, TV personality and serial entrepreneur who runs four successful restaurants and the other is a young farmer making a living out of rearing quality lamb in the English countryside.

Sabrina Ghayour

Multi-award winning and bestselling author and food writer, Sabrina Ghayour is a big fan of cooking with lamb.  Iranian-born Sabrina says, “I always favour lamb as it has an affinity with a lot of the spices from my Middle Eastern heritage. However it’s the exceptional quality and versatility of lamb that makes it far too good to save just for Sunday lunch!”
Sabrina is a regular on TV food programmes and has just released her second book Sirocco: Fabulous Flavours from the East containing plenty of delicious Middle Eastern lamb recipes.
But exclusive to us she has created Sticky Lamb Ribs “I love ribs, they are one of my all-time favourite things to eat and lamb ribs are so underrated. I like lots of flavour on my ribs, sweet, sticky and spicy and this recipe ticks all those boxes for me. Also fantastic served with sweet potato wedges on the side”.
Sabrina’s Pistachio and Apricot Stuffed Lamb Mini Roast recipe is one of her favourites for dinner “What's wonderful about this roast is that it cooks in next to no time and holds stuffing especially well. I like to serve mine with a good gravy and some roasted roots vegetables on the side. Perfect for a midweek or weekend treat.

Chef Cyrus Todiwala, OBE DL

Celebrated chef and restaurateur Cyrus Todiwala is a passionate campaigner for sustainable sourcing.  He cooks, teaches and runs four successful restaurants in London so who better to inspire us to make more of succulent lamb straight from our countryside?  Cooking with sweet, tender lamb is so easy says Cyrus and you can be as creative as your imagination allows.
Known as ‘chef of genius’, Mumbai-born Cyrus brings his rich Parsee culinary heritage to everyday foods.  His skill is in combining flavours, spices and ingredients in ways that no other Indian chef has done before.
Cyrus says when cooking with lamb it’s best to keep it simple to let the wonderful lamb flavour shine through. Lean lamb works best with spices and don’t be afraid to experiment, he says. When using lamb mince for a sheek kebab or burger recipe Cyrus recommends reaching for store cupboard spices to add a delicious twist to these everyday dishes.

John Kirkpatrick

John Kirkpatrick is a young sheep producer based in rural Derbyshire where he has been involved in some pioneering work with Easycare wool shedding sheep which are sheep that essentially “shear themselves” so they are easy to look after.  He runs a flock of over 100 sheep and rearing Easycare sheep helps keeps his farm costs down and reduce the need for expensive inputs.
For John sheep farming is about producing great tasting lamb on an extensive grass-based system that utilises herb rich pastures and marginal land which has huge importance to wildlife.  “We farm hand in hand with nature producing excellent quality lamb, based on organic principles at an affordable price,” says John.
John is always quick to support industry initiatives. Through his work with the National Sheep Association, as a board member for England, he actively encourages and helps new farmers coming into agriculture, sharing his knowledge and experience freely to help others develop sustainable sheep farming businesses.
As a keen cook, John’s idea of relaxation is cooking up an aromatic Lamb Rogan Josh curry using diced neck or shoulder cuts.  He says it’s ideal for mid-week mealtimes or to serve up to friends and family over the weekend.  John believes in innovation is the key to the future for sheep farming and one of his popular products are Smoked Lamb Rosemary and Garlic Sausages which are a great way of utilising the old fashioned cuts.